Cost pressures as well as increased energy and environmental requirements present new challenges for building construction and renovation. Modern architectural concepts and innovative technological solutions can help public bodies and businesses to meet these challenges and at the same time decrease operation costs and increase staff and customer satisfaction. Offices and administration buildings, schools, shopping and leisure centres, production facilities, hospitals and retirement homes - in all of them, there is a substantial untapped potential for cost-effective energy savings in construction, operation and retrofitting. The focus of the conference will be on presenting pilot and demonstration projects from all over the world that show in practice how economic and environmental requirements can be met and how at the same time high architectural standards and convenience for the building users can be maintained. The special role of integrated planning approaches, innovative energy efficiency technologies, the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable building materials in new construction and retrofitting will be highlighted at the conference. Best practice examples for innovative financing mechanisms, such as Third Party Financing or leasing agreements will demonstrate the economic viability of innovative building solutions. The conference is held in the context of the implementation of the "European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings" and will therefore present related initiatives, policies and programmes, such as minimum requirements on the energy performance of buildings, energy certification of buildings and building labelling.