WĂ€rme & KĂ€lte aus Ökoenergie


Rudi Anschober

DI Michael Paula

  • head of the department of energy and environmental technologies at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria
  • initiation of the "Austrian Strategieprozess ENERGIE 2050"
  • R&D strategies in the field of technological sustainability research

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert

  • Head of the department of energy, transport and environment at DIW Berlin
  • Professor for economics at the Humboldt University in Berlin
  • activ at the Energy Modelling Forum (EMF) and the European Climate Forum (ECF)

José Riesgo Villanueva

Uwe Brechlin
Technologie- und Marktinnovationen
DI Michael Rantil
Oliver SchÀfer

Mag. Christiane Egger

Dr. Karin Freier

Strategien & Programme

Prof. Krystof Szamalek

  • Deputy President of the EcoFund Foundation since 2005
  • EcoFund Foundation manages funds obtained from the Polish debt-for-environment swap mechanism and intended to support environmental protection projects

Pascual Polo Amblar
  • General Secretary at ASIT (Solar Thermal Industry Association of Spain)
  • from 2000 to 2004 General Secretary of the Solar Thermal in HELIOS, Andalusian Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Solar Energy
Dr. Jian Yu
  • Professor at Beijing University of Technology, College of Environmental and Energy Engineering
  • Chief Scientist at the Institute of Electrical Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Science
DI Kevin O'Rourke
  • head of Built Environment at Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)
  • worked in different government bodies, industry, academic research and the European Commission
  • past chairman of the Energy - Environment Division of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Leo Holm
Danny Parker
  • Principal Research Scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center
  • Specialist in very low-energy cooling and zero energy homes with renewable energy
  • Master's Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Montana
DI Siegfried Aigner
DI Rano Baykhanova
  • Renewable energy adviser at the United Nations Development Programme in Uzbekistan
  • Certificate in Energy Management: Utilisation and Conservation
  • Degree in Power Engineering from the Tashkent Technical State University
DI Johan Van Bael
DI Wolfgang Dopf
Asko Puhakka
  • Expert in energy and environmental legislation, training, project planning and management & education
  • Master of Administrative Sciences, University of Joensuu
  • Forestry Engineer, Forestry College, Joensuu
Dr. Ladislav Zidek
  • General director and project manager of the Biomasa Association since 1999
  • Manager of the biomass logistics project in Slovakia
  • Project leader of the project "biomass market forming"
DI Wolfgang Schuler
Herbert Huemer
  • Managing Director of Sun Master and Xolar
  • Owner of the Huemer group
  • Co-founder of Sonnenkraft and Green one Tec
Prok. Ing. GĂŒnther Huemer
  • managing director of Guntamatic Heiztechnik (200 employees, production of 10,000 biomass boilers per year)
  • focus in the field of innovative biomass boilers
  • speaker at all important biomass conferences in the German-speaking part
Mag. Gerhard Selinger
  • currently at MetallwarengesmbH & CoKG
  • former consultant in the field of internationalisation, coaching and management consultancy
  • studies at the university of Salzburg
Ing. Robert Buchinger
Ing. Herbert Ortner
Ing. Bernhard Holzer
  • mechanical engineering, technical equipment and installation
  • energy consultant at O.Ö. Energiesparverband
  • head of the export department at Windhager Zentralheizung
Ing. Gerald Jungreithmayr
  • Managing Director of SOLution Solartechnik GmbH with the focus on merchandise management, technics and R & D
  • Initiator of the first solar cooling project in Upper Austria
Mag. Martin Burgholzer

EuropÀisches Pellets-Forum


DI Francisco Puente-Salve

  • M.Sc. Energy and Fuels Engineer, Polytechnic University Madrid
  • 10 years of experience in project management and processes optimisation in consulting firms and power industries
  • coordinator of Propellets project, EIE - Europe Intelligent Energy - Programme of the European Commission
Dipl.-Oec. GĂŒnther JĂ€ckel
  • Managing director of the Gesamtverband des deutschen Brennstoff- und Mineralölhandels e.V. in Berlinformer position at the ministry for economy
  • long term experience in the German heat market

DI (FH) Walter Wirth

  • Dipl. Elektroingenieur FH
  • Member of the general management of AEK Energie AG, responsible for the business fields insulation and automatisation, pellets production and third party financing

DI Ulrich Bemmann
  • Project management, feasibility studies at the "Institut fĂŒr ZukunftsEnergieSysteme GmbH, SaarbrĂŒcken (e.g. "BioRegio", "SOLLET")
  • editor and co-author of handbooks (third party financing, materials flow management)
Dr. Karl Wolfgang Stanzel
  • Managing director of Stanzel & Ptak OEG
  • Managing director of Stirling Power Module GmbH
  • Member of the supervisory board of oekostrom AG
Innovative Pellets-Rohstoffe

DI Bengt-Erik Löfgren

  • Business executive / Chief executive officer at ÄFAB, since 1984
  • responsible for: daily operation and marketing, co-ordination for project work, external and internal education, recruit new staff and consulting assignment, environment and equality, policy questions (issues)
Prof. Ing. Frantiơek Hrdlička
  • M.Sc., Ph.D. in the field of combustion, CTU Prague
  • Professor at CTU in Prague, dep. of fluid mechanic and energetics
  • Vicerector of CTU in Prague
    Member of ASME, U.S.A., Court Authority in the Field of Power Engineering
  • Member of Supervision Council of Czech Chamber of Civil Engineer
Dr. Jens Kai Holm
  • Master degree in Physics-Biophysics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ph.D. in Biophysics, University of Roskilde, Denmark
  • Post-doc position at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering Section, Technical University of Denmark
Dr. Ulrich Kaier
  • Managing director of EC Bioenergie GmbH, Heidelberg, forum for biomass projects with CHP, pellets production, third party financing
  • Managing director of Energiecontracting Heidelberg GmbH, service company in the field of energy supply technology

DI Thomas Hering

  • Research fellow at ThĂŒringer Landesanstalt fĂŒr Landwirtschaft since1998
  • Projects: researching the emissions of heating systems fueld by corn

EuropÀische Energie-Effizienz-Konferenz


Rudi Anschober

DI Stefan Thomas
  • director of the research group "Energy, Transport and Climate Policy" at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, located in Wuppertal, Germany
  • main fields of scientific work: energy efficiency evaluation, analysis, development and testing of policy instruments to promote energy efficiency

Hans Nilsson

  • worked with energy issues since 1966
    presently the chairman of the IEA DSM Programme
  • former director for the Swedish Energy Efficiency Programme with the responsibility to develop early applications of AIJ as a part of the design of the Kyoto-mechanisms

Matthew Savage
  • principal consultant at AEA Technology
  • specialises in market mechanisms and economic policies related to energy, climate change and the environment
  • several papers on subsidies and support mechanisms for the European Environment Agency and the UK Government
Claude Turmes
Jeffrey Harris
  • staff scientist with the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • research interests include government sector energy management; government buying-power to stimulate the development and introduction of new energy-efficient technologies
Energieeffizienz-MÀrkte - global, europÀisch, national, regional & lokal
DI Benoit Lebot
  • IngĂ©nieur Divisionnaire des Travaux Publics de l'Etat, Climate Change Technical Advisor for United Nations Development Programme-Global Environment, Facility (UNDP-GEF)
  • Analysis of national, regional, and international energy and climate change mitigation policies
  • Analysis of energy efficiency policies especially in the built environment
Abg. Dr. Paul RĂŒbig
Jouko Kinnunen
  • Mr. Jouko Kinnunen, M.Sc.
  • Managing Director of Motiva Oy
  • Motiva provides expertise and project services to promote more efficient energy use and to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy sources

DI Branko Noč/Joze Torkar

  • vice-mayor of Jesenice and manager of district heating system in company Jeko-In d.o.o., Jesenice, Slovenia
  • degree at Faculty of mechanical engineering
  • worked as an assistant in cold rolling mill in factory in Jesenice until 1977

Joze Torkar

  • Managing director of the company El-tec Mulej, d.o.o., Bled (district heating, energy contracting)
  • faculty of mechanical engineering in 1997
  • awards for innovations in the field of district heating

Dr. Gerhard Dell
Prof. Dr. Diana Ürge-Vorsatz

  • Professor and PhD Program Director (Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy of the Central European University) Budapest
  • International Policy Fellowship at the Center for Policy Studies
  • PhD dissertation in the field of electricity conservation potentials in the USA
Abg. Mechtild Rothe
Dr. Andris Piebalgs

Energie-Effizienz und Innovation in ausgewÀhlten Sektoren

Dr. Josef Hochhuber
  • "Bayerisches Landesamt fĂŒr Umwelt" (in the field of facility safety and energy efficiency)
  • studies of technical environmental protection at the technical university of Berlin, at the Jawaharlal-Nehru-UniversitĂ€t in Neu-Delhi and at the MontanuniversitĂ€t Leoben
John Scowcroft
  • Head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit, Union of the Electricity Industry - EURELECTRIC since 1997
  • responsible for all aspects of environmental and sustainable development policy and for the Energy Wisdom Programme
  • actively involved in the groundbreaking EURELECTRIC greenhouse gas and electricity trading simulations (GETS)
Dr. Karl-Heinz Zierock

  • Head of the unit "Transport and Environment" at the Federal Environmental Agency, Berlin
  • Official in the position of a principal administrator/auxiliary staff until 2005. Development and implementation of the Community strategy to improve fuel efficiency and decrease carbon dioxide(CO2)emissions from passenger cars
AusgewÀhlte Initiativen
Dr. Gerhard Dell / Mag. Christiane Egger

Charles Hargreaves
  • head of Energy Efficiency in Ofgem
  • focus on monitoring the energy suppliers' work on the Energy Efficiency Commitment since 2001
  • previous experience on energy demand scenarios for the UK with an economic forecaster
  • has held research posts at the Science Policy Research Unit and the University of Cambridge
RĂ©jean Carrier
  • general director of the Agence de l'efficacitĂ© Ă©nergĂ©tique du QuĂ©bec
  • masters in urban and real estate finance as well as in international administration
  • general director of finance and real estate services at the MinistĂšre de l'Éducation du QuĂ©bec until April 2001
Dr. Cornelius Rasmussen
  • Faculty of mechanical engineering with the focus on energy technology
  • Working experience in an international company in the field of power plant engineering
  • Managing director at Bremer Energie-Konsens since 2003
Pen Hadow
  • currently working with the Met Office, the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research and other research and campaigning organisations dedicated to global climate change issues
  • first and only person ever to succeed in trekking alone, and without resupply, from Canada to the North Geographic Pole
  • the only Briton to have trekked to both Poles without the assistance of aircraft along the way
Erfolgreiche Umsetzungsbeispiele der "EU GebÀude-Richtlinie"
Univ.Prof. Dr. Eduardo Maldonado
  • Professor at the University of Porto, Portugal
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering (HVAC and Indoor Air Quality)
  • coordinator of the Portuguese National Plan for Energy Efficiency in Buildings in 2001
DI Jaap Hogeling
  • managing director of ISSO: the Dutch Building Services Research
  • director of KBI: the Dutch Institute for Quality assurance in the Building services sector
  • chair of the CEN project group on EPBD: CEN-BT-WG173
  • member of various standard committees, technical advisory groups on national and international level
Mag. Christine Öhlinger
  • diploma in law and a post graduate training on energy & environmental advice
  • head of sector International Tasks, O.Ö. Energiesparverband
  • member of the Upper Austrian electricity board
DI Andrea Vilz
  • Faculty of architecture at the University of Kaiserslautern
  • Consultant at the Bundesamt fĂŒr Bauwesen und Raumordnung since 2002
  • Focuses: Energy savings and climate protection in the field of buildings
Pia Yasuko Rask
  • Consultant, Danish Management Group (6 years)
  • Master of political science, cand.scient.pol
  • advised energy consultants on often complicated guidelines of how to carry out the energy labelling
Dr. Gunnar Pautzke
  • BSH Bosch und Siemens HausgerĂ€te GmbH, Munich
  • Head of department for brand portfolio management
  • Chairman of the task force "Time-to-go!" (CECED)
Mag. Ivana KlobusnĂ­kovĂĄ
  • master degree at the South Bohemian University in Ceske Budejovice
  • working at Energy Centre Ceske Budejovice (ECCB) since 1997
  • technical director of ECCB since 2002
Robert Schild
  • University training courses on marketing and sales as well as on education of export traders and international management, Vienna University of Business and Administration
  • Acoustic Marketing Manager Saint-Gobain Isover Austria
  • Thermal, Acoustic and Fire Manager Saint-Gobain

Ökoenergie-Wirtschaft - neue Kunden, neue MĂ€rkte

Neue GeschÀftsfelder und MÀrkte

DI Andreas HĂŒbner

  • Head of division "energy concepts and consulting" at Gertec GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft in Essen, Germany, since 1992
  • Engineering of technical building equipment and consulting in the fields of energy efficiency and RES
Ian Sibbick
  • Head of Energy Efficiency, Envirolink Northwest, UK
  • former manager of the Northwest energy trade association, ISOCON

GF Andreas Steege
  • founding member and managing director of target GmbH in Hannover, Germany, since 1994
  • expert in the field of project planning, especially within the frame of EU programmes, international renewable energy projects, know-how exchange and transfer
Prof. Morihiro Kurushima
  • Masters Degree, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering
  • Professor in the Department of Regional Studies at Toyo University since 2003
  • Program Manager, steering committee of the CTI/Industry Joint Seminar Series (IEA/OECD) "1997 Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award", U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Dr. Marcello Antinucci
  • graduated in Physics at Bologna University
  • since 1999, director of the Modena Energy Agency
Mag. Katharina Sammer
  • Assistent at the Institut fĂŒr Wirtschaft und Ökologie, UniversitĂ€t St. Gallen, Schweiz
  • Research focus on green energy marketing and sustainable consumption
  • Title of dissertation: Signalling and Added Consumer Value by Brands and Labels

Cluster und Partnerschaften

Dr. Mats Rydehell

  • PhD in Physics
  • Managing director at KanEnergi Sweden AB since 1997: internalisation issues and assignments as strategic counsellor, amongst others for the European commission, ministry of trade and industry (UK) and larger companies such as ABB, Alstom, SJ
Mag. Nadja Richler
  • employee at O.Ö. Energiesparverband / Ökoenergie-Cluster since 2003
  • organisation of cluster activities
  • projects in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
Dir. Tim German
  • Director, Cornwall Sustainable Energy Partnership (CSEP)
    Communications Director
  • Community Energy Plus
  • involved in the development and management of major initiatives in Wales, Cornwall and in other parts of the UK
Prof. Dr. LĂĄszlĂł Dinya
  • vice-rector at the "KĂĄroly RĂłbert" College in Gyöngyös, Hungary
  • president of the Hungarian Bologna Committee coordinating the so-called "Bologna-reform"
  • MSc. degree at the Agricultural University of GödöllƑ, Hungary in the field of agricultural mechanization (1973)

Ökostrom fĂŒr die europĂ€ischen Regionen


Beatriz Yordi Aquirre

Dr. Mario Ragwitz
  • studies at the universities of DĂŒsseldorf, Waterloo and Heidelberg, PhD in physics
  • head of renewable energy at Fraunhofer ISI
  • responsible for developing optimum promotional strategies for renewable energy and modelling energy systems with renewable sources in the European Union

AusgewÀhlte regionale Strategien

TomĂĄs Villanueva RodrĂ­guez
  • Economy and Employment Regional Minister and Deputy Vicepresident of Junta de Castilla y LeĂłn
  • Graduated in law at the Valladolid University
  • Legal adviser in the Parliamentary Popular Group in the Regional Parliament
    President of the Popular Party in Valladolid since 1992
Kent Ögren
Andy Bull
  • spent over 30 years in Welsh local government
  • from processing applications for the development of land and buildings to wider sustainable development issues
  • seconded part-time to the Welsh Assembly Government to assist with the promotion of RES until September 2005
Univ.Prof. Dr. Dagnija Blumberga
  • professor head of Department of Energy and Systems and Environment in Riga Technical University
  • participated in different energy and environmental programmes in Europe: ELI (Efficient Lighting Initiative), EC OPET networking, Greening Industry, early stage energy technology (EMINENT) programme
Dr. Gerhard Dell
Umweltminister DI Josef Pröll
a.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haas
  • associate professor of Energy Economics at the Energy Economics Group, Institute of Power Systems and Energy Economics at Vienna University of Technology
  • lectures on Energy Economics, Regulation and Competition in Energy markets, and Energy Modeling
DI Carlos Alberto Martins Pimenta
  • director of CEEETA, (research centre in the fields of energy, transport and environment)
  • president of the board of SIIF Portugal (French Holding Company in the field of Renewables)member of the board of EDF Energies Nouvelles
  • member of the Environment Council of EDP (portuguese electrical utility)
    member of the board of SICAV NovaEnergia 2010
Dr. Dörte Fouquet
  • Senior Partner in the law firm Kuhbier
  • Master of Laws (First State Examen) in 1982
  • Second State Examination in Legal Studies - "Volljurist" and admitted to the Bar in 1988
  • Regular legal advice and General Counsellor to Firstsolar PV Manufacturer Phoenix, Arizona
J. Nandakumar
  • researcher in the Cluster- Non-Military Threats, Energy and Economic Security, (Energy Cluster) of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, India
  • research on Asia's energy security, China's Energy Security Strategy and Regional Energy Cooperation
Technologie-Trends und regionale Wertschöpfung
DI Pieter Nuiten
  • senior consultant at W/E consultants on rational use of energy in new and restructuring buildings and in spatial planning for both municipalities and housing associations and on sustainable energy
  • diploma of Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Czech Technical University, Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Physics
GF RĂŒdiger Wolf
  • Faculty of mechanical engineering at the University of Hannover, final thesis at the University of Sidney
  • Managing Director of Solar Heat & Power Europe GmbH
  • Project manager of the 600 MW offshore wind parc project in Adlergrund

DI Johnny Hesp

  • studies of Chemical Technology on the University of Twente
  • Biofuel Procurement Manager within Essent (Essent developed its own certification program, the Green Gold Label)
  • responsible for sourcing biofuels for co-firing on powerplants (gas- as well as coal-fired)
Univ.Prof. Dr. Dietrich Borchardt
  • head of the research group INTEGER (Integrated Water Resources Management) at the university of Kassel
  • research focus on the ecological processes and patterns in running waters, above all in the hyporheic zone, the economy of water protection, modelling of aquatic ecosystems
DI Martin Schlerka
Moderation: AngnĂšs Ciccarone
  • Head of Committee C "Regional policies" of the Assembly of European Regions, Strasbourg (F)
  • MA Contemporary European Political Culture (Euromasters) at the University of Bath (GB), Berlin and Prag
  • Press AttachĂ© at the French General Consulate in Hamburg (D) until 2001