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Programme overview 2004

World Sustainable Energy Days 2004

Programme Overview

3 March 04
4 March 04
5 March 04
6 March 04


Pellets Conference
Tomorrow's Buildings
Green Electricity Forum
Guided tours "Energiesparmesse"

Green Electricity Forum
ManagEnergy Workshop
Guided tours "Energiesparmesse"
eveningPellets-ShowEvening event
"Megatrends of sustainable energy"

European Pellets Conference, 3 March, 9.00-18.00 & 4 March, 9.00-12.30
Pellets are a clean, CO2-neutral and convenient fuel with rapidly growing market shares and a key technology for increasing biomass use. This event will provide in-depth information on technology innovation and market trends.

Conference "Tomorrow's Buildings - Technology Trends put into Action", 4 March, 9.00-13.00
This conference will offer insights into forward-thinking innovations in energy and buildings technologies. It will show how innovative solutions found by European researchers can be applied in practice.

European Green Electricity Forum, 4 March, 14.30-17.00 & 5 March, 9.00-12.30
The event will give an overview of the most recent green electricity trends around the globe. By presenting the most exciting results from R & D projects, the conference will contribute to making Europe's electricity production greener. Inspiring projects will show how this can be done.

Evening event "Megatrends of sustainable energy", 4 March, 17.30-21.00
This rare gathering of renowned experts from the spheres renewable energy, economy, science and philosophy will offer interesting solutions and impulses to the exciting question "What does the future of energy hold"?

ManagEnergy Workshop"The Buildings Directive - opportunities at a local level", 5 March, 13.30-17.30
A ManagEnergy Workshop which aims at promoting local initiatives for sustainable buildings.

Poster Presentation, 3-5 March, 9.00 - 18.00
The Poster Presentation offers you the opportunity to display, before a professional audience, successful initiatives and projects concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Exhibition & trade fair: Energiesparmesse, 4-7 March, 9.00 - 18.00
In parallel to the World Sustainable Energy Days, the "Energiesparmesse", an exhibition and trade show dedicated to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency will be held. It attracts more than 800 exhibitors every year. Guided tours in English/Czech/Italian/French will be organised on 5 March, 15.30 and on 6 March, 10.30.