Winners of the International Photo Competition "Sustainable Energy"

The winners of the international photo competition "Sustainable Energy" have been selected and presented on World Sustainable Energy Days 2005 in Wels on 3 March 2005:


Lighting up their lives

Jos van den Akker, Tamil Nadu, India

Location:Jamyang Ling School, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Electricity from a photovoltaic plant instead of candle light enables the students of the Jamyang Ling School in Ladakh/India to do their homework in a more convenient and better lighted environment.

Title: WKA & AKW - David and Goliath

Fotograph: Jƶrg Kallinich, Ammerbuch, Germany
Location: near nuclear power plant Grohnde, Weserbergland, Germany

Small wind farm on a hill nearby the nuclear power plant of Grohnde in Germany. On one windy day in Germany, the presently installed wind power plants generate as much electricity as 10 nuclear power plants.

Title:Hydro Power Train
Fotograph:Viorel Munteanu, Linz, Austria
Location:Enns, Austria
Description:Weir installed at the river Enns in Upper Austria in order to ensure a stable ecosystem and besides that generating electricity (250 kW).

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