Seminar "Future Energy Technologies"

From research to market - sustainable energy technologies for the short- and long-term market introduction

Date:6 March 2008
Venue: Stadthalle Wels, A-4600 Wels, Upper Austria/Austria
Conference fee:

50 Euro (plus 10% VAT)

Conference language:

English, German

Organisation and conference office:O.Ö. Energiesparverband
Landstraße 45, 4020 Linz, Austria
Tel. +43/732/7720-14386
Fax +43/732/7720-14383
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Energy Future 2030
Christine Öhlinger, O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Austria


European scenarios for energy consumption and efficiency
Reinhard Haas, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

15.10The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan
Erich Nägele, European Commission
15.30"e2050" - Strategies and technologies for a sustainable energy future
Michael Paula, BM f. Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie, Austria
15.50Integrating renewable energy into the mainstream
J. Nandakumar, Global Energy Team, DMV Business and Market Research, India
16.10From research to market: Supporting the uptake of R&D results
Katharina Krell, Executive Manager, Greenovate! Europe, Belgium
16.30Discussion/Coffee break
Technology examples
17.00"ProEcoPolynet" - Small Polygeneration Technologies
Vollrad Kuhn, Berliner Energieagentur, Germany
17.15"Eminent II" - the most promising R&D projects
Jan A. Zeevalkink, TNO Industry and Science, The Netherlands
17.30Innovative materials and construction elements
Norbert König, Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP, Germany
17.45Smart power grids for the future
Ronnie Belmans, KULeuven, Belgium
18.00Solar production of hydrogen
Daniela Graf, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Germany
18.15Stirling engines using renewables - a technological challenge
Josef Frauscher, Director, Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH, Austria
18.30Energy 2020 - a sustainable strategy for Schleswig-Holstein
Gustav Sauer, Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Verkehr, Germany


Discussion/conference end

19.30Evening programme

This conference will present not only most recent research projects and results in the field of sustainable energy but also start-up companies aiming to market up-to-date technology innovation. It will offer a platform for new partnerships between researchers, young entrepreneurs, investors as well as others looking for cooperation in the field of innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. It will also provide guidance on how to successful introduce innovative technologies into the market. This event is oranised in the frame of the FP-6 project "ProEcoPolynet".