Rudi Anschober
  • Regional Minister for Energy, Austria

Bogdan Atanasiu
  • Degree in Electrical engineering
  • Project officer on electricity end-use efficiency and consumption at the European Commission
Sophie Attali
  • Co-ordinator of the Topten and Euro-Topten project
  • Numerous publications in books and magazines
Ronnie Belmans
  • Degree in engineering
  • Member of the Belgian Royal Engineering and Electrical Engineers Society
  • President of UIE (Union International d'Electrotechnologies)
  • Guest professor at Imperial college of Science and Technology in London
  • Chairman of the board of Elia in Belgian
Martin Bentele
  • Degree in Forestry at the University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Since 2007 Director of "Deutscher Energie-Pellet-Verband e.V. (DEPV)"
  • Director of the agency "Lobby - Kommunikationsdienste GbR"
  • Vice-president of the German triathlon union in Frankfurt
Marino Berton
  • Founder, executive board member and vice-president of "Centro Internazionale CiviltĂ  dell'Acqua"
  • Founder and president of AIEL - the Italian Association for Agri and Forestry Energy
  • Main chief of WOOD ENERGY
Peter Bertschi
  • Projectleader Energycoaching
  • Electric and Energy engineer
  • Since 2007 working at the city of Zurich
Nils Borg
Kateri Callahan
  • President of the Alliance to save energy in the USA
  • Member of the Keystone Center Energy Board
Andreas Danler
  • Technical school for electrical engineering
  • Since 1989 employee at the LichtplanungsbĂŒro Christian Bartenbach
  • Since 2003 authorised representative for the division planing and development at the Bartenbach Lichtlabor
  • Since 2004 lecturer at the Lichtakademie Bartenbach
Gerhard Dell
  • Energy Commissioner to the Upper Austrian Government
  • Director of O.Ö. Energiesparverband
  • Member of the Austrian National Committee of the World Energy Council
  • Chairman of the Austrian committee (Ministry of Economy) on Energy Labelling
  • Lecturer at the University of Linz
  • Dr.Gerhard Dell has a degree (Dipl.-Ing.) and a post-graduate degree (PhDengineering, Dr.tech.) in Electrical Engineering and Energy Economics.He worked as researcher on renewable energy sources and energyefficiency projects at the Technical University Graz.
Frédéric Douard
  • Manager of ITEBE, Bioenergy Institute
  • Board director of the European Biomass Association, AEBIOM, since 2003
  • Administrator of the French Renewable Federation, CLER
Bryan Douglas
Sorcha Edwards
  • Coordinator of Energy Policy for The European Liaison Committee for Social Housing
Christiane Egger
  • Deputy manager of the O.Ö. Energiesparverbandes
  • Conference director of the World Sustainable Energy Days
  • Lawyer and environmental engineer with long-term experience in developing and implementing sustainable energy projects on international and regional levles
Mark Ellis
  • Since 2006 at IEA (International Energy Agency)
  • Numerous projects in the field of energy efficiency in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia

Werner Emhofer
  • Diploma in business administration at the University of Linz
  • Since 2004 Sales Area Manager for new export markets, Fröling

Priit Enok
  • Diploma Engineer in Industrial and Civil Engineering
  • Project Officer at the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation
BĂ€rbel Epp
  • Degree in physics at the University of Konstanz and Oldenburg
  • Education in journalism
  • Chiefeditor of the magzine "Sun & Wind Energy"
  • Board member of URBIS FOUNDATION
  • Head of the beneficence at Togo, Westafrica
Manfred Faustmann
  • Director of Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH
  • Director of Windhager Zentralheizung Vertriebsholding GmbH
  • Perennial activities in the Oil-, Gas- and Automobile-Industry in Europe, North America and Asia
Garrett A.G. Forde
  • Chief executive officer of Philips Professional Lighting Europe
  • Member of Commercial Leadership Group on Climate Change Europe
  • Member of the Supervisory Council of European Lamp Companies Federation
Josef Frauscher
  • Technical school for mechanical engineering
  • Director of Frauscher Sensortechnik GMBH
  • Since 2006 Chairman of TGZ SchĂ€rding
Daniel Frering
  • Manager of Education for the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Master of Science in Lighting Programm at the LRC
  • Member of the Council of NCQLP (National council on Qualifications for the Lighting)
Gad Giladi
  • Master of Fine Arts in Architectural Lighting Design
  • M.Arch in Architecture and Urban Design at I'Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris
  • Chief executive officer of Giladi associates sprl, Architectural Lighting Design in Belgium
Alexander Glechner
  • Degree in Business Administration
  • Marketing and distribution at Mondi Packaging Corrugated Division
  • Marketing at Hot'ts Holzpellets
Sabine Goetz
  • Working for the RĂ©gion Alsace - in the fields of a solar promotion programme and pellets
John Goodall
  • Since 1993 Director for Technical and Environmental Affairs with the European Construction Industry Federation - FIEC in Brussels
  • Chair fo the "Sustainalbe Construction" Working Group
Daniela Graf
  • Diploma in engineering management in Leipzig
  • Working at the German Aerospace Centre in the field of solar research
Wolfgang Gregor
  • Since 1990 at OSRAM GmbH in Germany
  • 2006: Foundation of Marine Lighting Division
  • Chief Sustainability Officer at OSRAM GmbH

Reinhard Haas
  • Associate professor of Energy Economics at the Vienna University of Technology
  • Researchin the areas of dissemination strategies for renewables, sustainableenergy systems, liberalisation vs. regulation of energy markets,energymodelling and scenarios
  • Coordination of national and European projects
  • More than 80 publications in books and reviewed international journals
Johannes D. Hengstenberg
  • Economist
  • Since 1992 fuel consumption bases analysis and consulting on residential heating
  • Since 2004 "Klima sucht Schutz" Campaign, co-funded by German Environment Ministry
  • 12 online advisors on heating, electricity, air travel on 700 websites
  • 2 million online advisor sessions motivated investments that avoid 3 mill. tonnes of CO2 (evaluated)
  • 8,000 online HomeResourcesAccounts interpret metered energy consumption & generation, prognosis of CO2-emissions and 20 year future cost, document success of savings measures
Laurenz Hermann
  • Master of Arts in English Philology, Economic Policy and Art History
  • Since 2007 at Berliner Energieagentur GmbH, Project Manager for energy efficiency in the field of trade and industry

Mark Hidson
  • Bachelor in Environmental Science
  • Master in Environmental Management
  • Director ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
Jonas Höglund
  • Degree in Biology and Forestry
  • Employee by Svebio as an expert on pellets and biofuels
Bernhard Holzer
  • Technical collegefor mechanical engineering, technical equipment and installation
  • Energy Consultant at O.Ö. Energiesparverband
  • Head of the export department at Windhager Zentralheizung

Runqing Hu

  • Research professor of the Center for Renewable Energy Development
  • Member of the Council of Chinsese Renewable Energy Society


Sanaée Iyama

  • Master of engineering in Energetics and Environmental EngineeringConsultant at BIO Intelligence Services

Branka Jelavic

  • Head of EIHP's (Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar) in Zagreb, Department of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency
  • Secretary general of Croatian Energy Association
    Numerous publications in famous books and magazines
Mark Joenje

Gerald Jungreithmayr

  • Technical school for mechanical engineering
  • Special training for environment and energy technics
  • Director of SOLution Solartechnik GmbH with main focus to merchandise management, technics and R&D


Andreas Keel

  • Diploma in forestry at the Federal Technical Academy of Zurich
  • Diploma study in developing countries in Zurich
  • Since 1992: employee at the Forest Energy Switzerland - the superior organisation of the Swiss Forest Energy Branch

Volker Kienzlen

  • Degree in engineering at the University fo Stuttgart and the University of Colorado
  • 1992 Graduation (Dr.-Ing.) at the University of Stuttgart
  • Managing director of "Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Baden-WĂŒrttemberg GmbH"

Norbert König

  • Head of department "Neue Baustoffe und Bauteile" at the Fraunhofer-Institut fĂŒr Bauphysik
  • Chairman in AA 98 "WĂ€rmetechnisches Messen"

Katharina Krell

  • Bachelor in International Relations
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Secretary General of the European Renewable Energy Research Centres (EUREC)


Vollrad Kuhn

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Rostock
  • Since 2000 senior consultant at the Berliner Energieagentur

Birger Lauersen

  • Master of Science at the Copenhagen University
  • Manager International Cooperation and Communication - Danish District Heating Association
  • Chairman of the Working Group Energy Policy, Euroheat & Power

Jens H. Laustsen

  • Degree in architecture
  • Since 2006 analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA) Numerous publications in established magazines

Jasper Lensselink

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Employee at ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands)


Erik Ling

  • Master of sciences in Forestry
  • Master in Administration
  • PhD in Economics
  • Manager of Forest fuels at Sveaskog/Sweden
  • Member of the board of Swedish Bioenergy Association - Svebio

Lennart Ljungblom

  • Degree in chemical engineering in KTH in Stockholm
  • Entrepreneur in his company Novator
  • Founder of the first national Bioenergy Association SVEBIO (Swedish Bioenergy Association)
  • He started the Bioenergy Business Magazine - BioenergiOwner and editor of the Bioenergy International Magazine

Bengt-Erik Löfgren

  • Chief Executive manager for ÄFAB
  • Member of lots of committees and work groups
  • Founder of ÄFABusa und IRETI (International Renewable Energy Technical Institute located in USA)
  • Member of US ambassador M Woods "The One Big Thing- Group"

Helmut Lusser

  • Director and Chairman of Global to Local Ltd
  • Part of the team - producing National Sustainable Products Catalogue
  • Expert in Sustainable Procurement and EMS


Catrin Maby

  • Director of Severn Wye Energy Agency
  • Degree in engineering science, Oxford University Master degree in Energy Resources Management
  • Member of the UK Institute of Energy
  • Chair of the UK Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes Energy Advice Providers Group
  • Vice President of FEDARENE (European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies)

Eduardo B. Maldonado

  • Professor at the Univeristy of Porto
  • Member of the Energy Demand Management Committee of the European Commission
  • Coorinator of the Buildungs Concerted Action (CA) for the Transposition of the EPBD
  • Member of the Energy Advisory Group (AGE) of the European Commission

Markus Mann

  • Managing Director of WesterwĂ€lder Holzpellets GmbH
  • December 2006: Foundation of Energiepellets Hosenfeld GmbH November 2002: Wuppertaler Energy and Environment Award 1989 – 1991: Studies at the Außenhandels- und Verkehrsakademie DAV in Bremen

Didier Marchal

  • Project manager at ValBiom (Belgian Biomass association)
  • Member of ITEBE's board of directorsBelgian National Team
  • Leader of the Task 32 "Biomass Combustion and Co-firing" of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its Bioenergy Agreement


Marin Marinov

  • Seminar in Export and international Business operations
  • Seminar in Export and international Management
  • Since 1991 at GASOKOL GmbH - sales manager in the field of marketing, distribution and product management

Eric Masanet

  • Ph.D. in mechanical engineering
  • Program Manager at the University of California, Berkeley, engineering and business for sustainability program
  • Since 2005 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Stéphanie Mittelham
  • Master degree in International and European Public Law Managing
  • Director of CELMA - Federation of National Manufacturers Association for Luminaires and Ballasts in the EU

Yutaka Nagata

  • Graduated in Technology at Tokyo University Master degree of Engineering at Tokyo University
  • Ph.D degree in Energy Science at Kyoto University
  • Since 1987 at CRIEPI Lecturer at the Institute of Technology at Tokyo University
  • Member of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)
Erich NĂ€gele
  • Degree in chemistry and civil engineering at the University of Karlsruhe
  • Academic adviser and deputy manager of the official test centre for building material
  • Since 2000 at the European Commission - project manager for biomass

J. Nandakumar

  • Degree in East Asian Studies at the University of Delhi, India
  • Master in Politics and International Relations at the University of Pondicherry; India
  • Diploma in Chinese Language at the University of Delhi, India
  • Numerous publications in books and magazines
  • Senior Energy Analyst in the Global Energy Team at DMV Business and Market Research
Aleksandra Novikova

Christine Öhlinger

  • Head of Sector International Tasks, O.Ö. Energiesparverband
  • Christine Öhlinger has a diploma in law and a post graduate training on Energy & Environmental Advice

Herbert Ortner

  • 1989: Foundation of ÖkoFEN Forschungs- und Entwicklungs Ges.m.b.H.
  • Since 1989: Managing Director of ÖkoFEN Forschungs- und Entwicklungs Ges.m.b.H.
  • 1997: development and market launch of the first pellet-heating in Austria
John Parsons
  • Project co-ordinator of the European Smart Metering Alliance (ESMA)
  • Secretary of the Technical Committee of BEMCA (electricity meter manufacturers)
  • Member of the Council of the UK Energy Institute

Michael Paula

  • Head of the department of energy and environmental technologies at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria
  • initiation of the "Austrian Strategieprozess ENERGIE 2050",
  • R&D strategies in the field of technological sustainability research

RamĂłn del Pino Vivanco

  • Director of ECOPELLETS S.A. in Santiago, Chile
  • Chief executive officer of ECO Management and trading in Santiago, Chile
  • Director of Wood Industry Foundation in Chile
  • Lecturer at the University "del Desarrollo" and "de Concepcion"
Raffaele Piria
  • Diploma in political science at the Free Univeristy of Berlin
  • Master of Science at the London School of Economics
  • Policy Director at ESTIF - European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

Milena Presutto

  • Since 1984 at ENEA, Italy
  • Member of the Italien delegation of the ECESB
  • Vice-president of the Energy Efficiency 21 project
Reinhold Priewasser
  • State doctorate applied ecology and environmental planning / regional environmental economics
  • Since 2003 university professor
  • Since 2007 Head of institute for operating and regional environmental economics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz

Francisco Puente-Salve

  • M.Sc. Energy and Fuels Engineer, Polytechnic University Madrid
  • 10 years of experience in project management and processes optimisation in consulting firms and power industries
  • coordinator of Propellets project, EIE - Europe Intelligent Energy - Programme of the European Commission
Dietlinde Quack
  • Diploma in biology at the University of WĂŒrzburg and the State University of New York in Albany
  • Doctorate at the Rheinisch WestfĂ€lischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen
  • Research assistant at the Öko-Institut in the field of products and material flows
Christian Rakos
  • Since 2005, Managing Director of proPellets Austria
  • One year active at the Renewable Energy Information Office, Ireland
  • Study of Physics, Philosophy and History

B. Sudhakara Reddy

  • Ph.D. degree in Management Studies from the Indian Institue of Science, Bangalore
  • Professor and Coordinator at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR)
  • Publications in books and reviewed international journals

Christopher Rees

  • Managing Partner of Suthey Holer Associates in Canada
  • President of the Canadian Ecology Centre Vice-President of the Canadian Bioenergy Association

Gerhard Rimpler

  • PhD degree in economic sciences
  • Managing Director of Sun-Master
  • Head of a consulting business
  • Chairman of the board of the Austrian Solar Innovation Center (ASIC)

Gregor Rinke

  • Seeger Engineering AG: Project manager for biomass power plants and pellet production plants (project developer)
  • PhD; main focus on renewable energies
Ludwig Rongen
  • Head of Rongen Architekten
  • 2004 - 2006: Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences FH, Erfurt
  • Since 2004: Lecturer at the Sichuan-University, Chengdu
  • Since 2005: Lecturer at the Souhwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu
  • Memberof the AKG (Architekten fĂŒr Krankenhausbau und Gesundheitswesen im Bund Deutscher Architekten e.V. - Public Health Committee)
  • Since 2007: Board member "Deutsch-Chinesische Kompetenzzentrum Bau e.V."

Paul RĂŒbig

  • Studies of business administration, marketing and production engineering, University of Linz, Austria
  • Foundation of companies in Germany, France and Britain
  • Member of the National Parliament of Austria 1996
  • Since 1996 member of the European Parliament
  • Author and co-author of numerous books

Gustav Sauer

  • Diploma in Technical Physics at the University of Graz
  • PhD in Theoretical Physics II at the Univerity of Marburg/Lahn
  • Member of the COORETEC-Advisory Council
Karsten Schischke
  • Degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Technical Environment Protection
  • Since 2000: Assistant at the Technical University, Berlin
  • Assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Engineering
  • Lot of projects in the field of Ecology-Economy Improvement

Ralf SchĂŒle

  • Degree in Sociology, Political science and Economics at the University of Darmstadt
  • Co-ordinator and project leader at the "Wuppertal Institut fĂŒr Klima, Umwelt, Energie"

Klaus Seits

  • Industrial mechanical engineering at the technical University of Vienna
  • since 2006 at Solarfocus, Key Accounting and Export Management

Gerhard Selinger

  • 1985 - 1991 Studies at the University of Salzburg
  • 2002 - 2007 Rika MetallwarengesmbH & CoKG, Micheldorf - Director Business Unit Central Heating Systems Sales & Marketing, International Business
  • Since 2008 commercial manager of SHT Heiztechnik

Kristin Seyboth

  • Master in Environmental Management and Policy at Lund University of Sweden
  • Bachelor at Bucknell University, USA
  • Researcher at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research in Stuttgart, Germany

Peteris Shipkovs

  • Master and Doctor degrees manager Riga Technical University and University of Latvia
  • Vice-president of Latvian Association for Energy Economics
  • Member of the European Association for Solar Energy
  • Member of UN Steering Committee of the "Energy Efficiency"
  • Member of World Renewable Energy Network (WREN).
  • Project Manager of national and international projects
  • Professor at Riga Technical University
  • Author and co-author of numerous publications

Marjana Sijanec-Zavrl

  • Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Assistant Board Member and R&D Manager at BCEI ZRMK
  • Researcher at University in Ljubljana

Ralph Sims

  • Professor of Sustainable Energy at Massey University, New Zealand
  • Member of the Renewable Energy Unit of the International Energy Agency, Paris
  • Member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Engineers
  • Companion of the Royal Society
Melanie Slade

Hans van Steen

  • Master degree in Political Science at the University of Arhus/Denmark
  • Since 2006 Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Transport and Energy
Christof Stein
  • University of Bonn and TĂŒbingen for economics
  • Since 2006: director at the office of loans of the "KfW Bankengruppe"
  • Head of department "Förderpolitik" in the area of environment, habitation, infrastructure, education and market co-ordination
Giles Stevens

Gerald G. Strickland

  • Master Business Administration at Bath Business School in the UK
  • Graduate of the University of Malta
  • Secretary General of the Brussels based European Lamp Companies Federation

John Swaan

  • Executive Director - Wood Pellet Association of Canada
  • Chair - BC BioProducts Association
  • Founder of Pacific BioEnergy Corporation, Prince George, British Columbia
  • Pioneer and expert in the wood pellet industry in Canada
Paul van Tichelen
  • Master of science in electromechanical engineering at the Univeristy of Louvain/Belgium
  • Since 1991 at VITO - the Flemish Institute for Technological Research
  • Consultant of the Flemish Government

MEP Claude Turmes

  • Since 1999 member of the Green/EFA (European Free Alliance) in the European Parliament
  • Since 2002 vice-president of the Green/EFALaunch of the "Energy Intelligent Europe"-concept
Diane Ürge-Vorsatz
  • Master of Science in Physics
  • Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Full Professor at the CEU (Central European University), Hungary
  • Director at the Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy
  • Numerous publications

Walter Wagner

  • Technical school for mechanical engineering
  • Since 1999 at Guntamatic in the division of export
Andrew Warren
  • Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy
  • Chair of the British Energy Efficiceny Federation and the Sustainable Energy Partnership
  • Senior Advisor of EuroACE (European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings)
  • Advisor of the European Commission
  • International Demand Side Management Committee

Christian Warum

  • Technical school for electrical engineering
  • Since 2007 commercial procuration and head in the field Sales Europe at Zumtobel Lighting Division
Uwe Weber
  • PhD on Urban Hydrology at the Rheinisch-WestfĂ€lische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen
  • Managing director of ELI Quality Certifacation Institute in China in co-operation with the German GTZ/CIM programme

Talat YĂŒksel

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Project leader of the environmental team at Arcelik
  • Member of the working group EU Matra and EU Med-EnecMember of CECED (European Committee of Manufactureres of Domestic Equipment)

Jan A. Zeevalkink

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Technology
  • Senior research manager in the Department of Thermal processes at TNO Industry and Science - involved in technology development for fuel production from biomass