European Pellet Conference 2010

  Date:   03 - 04 March 2010
  Venue:   A-4600 Wels, Upper Austria/Austria
  Conference fee:

   170 Euro (plus 10% VAT)

  Conference languages:   English, German, Italian
  Organisation and conference office:    O.O. Energiesparverband
   Landstraße 45, 4020 Linz, Austria
   Tel. +43/732/7720-14386
   Fax +43/732/7720-14383
   office [AT] esv.or [DOT] at  




3 March 2010

9.00 Opening & Welcome

- Rudi Anschober, Regional Minister for Energy, Upper Austria
- MEP Paul Rübig, European Parliament

  • European policies for biomass
    Emese Kottasz, Directorate General for Energy and Transport, European Commission

  • The importance of standards - increasing quality and output
    Walter Haslinger, Area Manager, Bioenergy 2020+, Austria

  • The new European Pellet Standards
    Eija Alakangas, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

  • Sustainability criteria for solid biomass production
    Martijn van Vis, Biomass Technology Group, The Netherlands

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Round-Table: "Key issues for pellet market development"
sustainability - security of supply - customer focus - international trade

  • Richard Sikkema, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Christiane Egger, Deputy General Manager, O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Austria
  • Patrick de Jamblinne, Tuzetka Ltd., Ukraine
  • Bengt-Erik Löfgren, ÄFAB, Sweden
  • Jill Stuckey, Director, Center of Innovation for Energy, USA
  • Beate Schmidt, President, Deutscher Energieholz- und Pellet-Verband, Germany

    Chairperson: Johannes Jetschgo, ORF, Austria

12.50 Lunch break

14.20 Resources & Technologies

  • Miscanthus pellets - experiences and chances
    Claudia Kirsten, Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum
  • Making pellets from cork residues and shrubs
    Joao Monney Paiva, DEMGI - Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal
  • Pelletising properties of different types of biomass - a prediction method
    Wolfgang Stelte, Technical University of Denmark

  • Torrefied pellets: advantages and challenges
    Robin Post van der Burg, Topell, The Netherlands
  • Development of low-dust biomass boilers
    Ingwald Obernberger, BIOS Bioenergiesysteme, Austria

16.10 Coffee break

16.40 Markets & Logistics

  • How to set up a local wood pellet production
    George Stammers, Programme Director, CO2 Sense Yorkshire, UK

  • The world's largest wood pellet plant
    Morten Neraas, Senior Vice-President, CFO, Green Circle Bio Energy Florida, USA 

  • Contracting - successfully financing and operating larger pellet heating systems
    Rudi Maier, President, Südwärme, Germany 

  • Price indices for wood pellets
    Matti Sihvonen, FOEX, Finland

18.00 Project Flash

  • Substituting coal by biomass in the district heating system of Belgrade
    Radmilo Savic, CEO, JKP Beogradske elektrane, Serbia

  • A wood pellet ESCO in Wales
    Duncan Kerridge, Dulas Ltd., UK 

  • Operational results of an ORC installation at a pellet production plant
    Stefano Tavolo, Turboden, Italy

18.30 End of session

19.00 Evening programme

4 March 2010

9.15 Pellet-Workshop "Current developments on European and international pellet markets" (in English only)

    Welcome: Brigitte Brandstätter, O.Ö. Energiesparverband/Ökoenergie-Cluster
  • Sweden: Karin Haara, Svebio
  • Finland: Lauri Sikanen, University of Joensuu
  • France: Hugues de Cherisey, Fédération Nationale du Bois, Syndicat National des Producteurs de Granulés
  • Austria: Christian Rakos, proPellets Austria
  • Germany: Beate Schmidt, Deutscher Energieholz- und Pellet-Verband

    Discussion / Coffee break

  • Italy: Annalisa Paniz, Associazione Italiana Energie Agroforestali
  • Spain: Francisco Puente Salve, ESCAN
  • Hungary: Emese Burján, Magyar Pellet Egyesület
  • USA: Albrecht von Sydow, Biomass Thermal Energy Council
  • Russia: Olga S. Rakitova, The Bioenergy International

    Chairperson: Christian Rakos, proPellets Austria

12.45 End of the session, lunch break 
19.00 Evening programme

Pellets - a sustainable fuel!

Pellets are a clean, CO2-neutral and convenient fuel with growing market shares worldwide. The European Pellet Conference in Wels/Austria aims to provide in-depth information on pellet technologies, innovation and market trends. It will also offer an exciting platform to discuss new co-operation projects. With more than 600 participants every year, the European Pellet Conferences held in Wels have become the largest annual pellet event in the world.

The European Pellet Conference 2010 is held as a part of the World Sustainable Energy Days which offer a number of other high-profile events:

  • the "Energiesparmesse", a trade show dedicated to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency with about 100,000 visitors. Around 100 companies will present their pellet related products and services there.
  • site-visits (02.03.)
  • the Solar Thermal Conference Wels (04 - 05.03)
  • the Building Renovation Conference (04 - 05.03)
  • other events

The conference is organised by O.Ö. Energiesparverband, the regional energy agency of Upper Austria, dedicated to sustainable energy market development. Upper Austria is an ideal location for such a conference. The region is home to
a number of Europe's leading biomass boiler producers, and pellet heating systems have become a standard solution.