Energy Efficiency Watch: Building Renovation

  Date:   03 - 04 March 2011
  Venue:   A-4600 Wels, Upper Austria/Austria
  Conference fee:

   180 Euro (plus 10% VAT)

  Conference languages:   English, German, Italian
  Organisation and conference office:    O.O. Energiesparverband
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03 March 2011

9.00 Opening & welcome

  • Rudi Anschober, Regional Minister for Energy, Upper Austria
  • MEP Claude Turmes, European Parliament, President Eufores
  • Deep renovation of buildings around the globe
    Jens Laustsen, Denmark
  • The Energy Efficiency Watch initiative - results and outlook
    Jan Geiss, Eufores
  • Smart cities - urban strategies for energy efficiency
    Michael Paula, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria

Cost optimal levels of building renovation

  • The recast of the European Buildings Directive
    MEP Silvia-Adriana Ticǎu, European Parliament
  • The new EPBD and its cost optimal requirement setting
  • Michaela Holl, European Commission, DG ENER
  • What is the "cost-optimum" for building renovation?
    Nils Borg, eceee
  • EPBD implementation: optimising towards nearly zero buildings
    Gerhard Dell, O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Austria
  • An analysis of costs of building modernisations
    Eberhard Hinz, IWU – Institut Wohnen und Umwelt, Germany

Lunch break

Programmes & Examples

  • LessEN is more: a global initiative for building renovation
    Alexandra Notay, Urban Land Institute, United Kingdom
  • From audits to real savings
    Aare VabamÀgi, Estonian Climate and Energy Agency, Estonia
  • High-performance building retrofits in the North-East US
    Andrew M. Shapiro, Energy Balance, USA
  • "Serve": upgrading 400 buildings
    Seamus Hoyne, Tipperary Institute, Ireland

Project Flash

  • The role of energy performance certificates in purchasing decisions
    Hermann Amecke, Climate Policy Initiative, DIW Berlin, Germany
  • CFLs for 21 million households
    Mohammad Hassan Zarbakhsh, Iran Energy Efficiency Organisation, Iran
  • Energy efficiency in architecture competitions
    Hana Riemer, Technische UniversitĂ€t MĂŒnchen, Germany
  • Cost efficient low energy retrofits
    Helmut Poppe, Poppe*Prehal, Austria
  • Successful building renovation programme
    Jean-Luc Sadorge, PĂŽle Alsace Energivie, France
  • Promoting energy efficiency to the Russian building sector
    Ksenia Petrichenko, Central European University, Russia

18.15 End of session


19.30 Evening programme


04 March 2011

9.30 Working Groups

Working Group 1: Energy Efficiency Watch - the policy framework

Chairperson: MEP Fiona Hall, Member of the European Parliament, Vice President Eufores

  • Obligations in the existing housing stock: who pays the bill?
    Casper Tigchelaar, ECN, NL
  • Integrating renewable heating in building renovation
    Reinhard Haas, Technische UniversitÀt Wien, Austria

Working Group 2: Behaviour & technology

Chairperson: Sorcha Edwards, Coordinator POWER HOUSE EUROPE, Deputy Secretary General, CECODHAS - Housing Europe

  • A roadmap for energy-efficient renovation
    Stefano Carosio, European Construction Technology Platform, D'Appolonia SpA/E2BA
  • Technology Platform Building renovation - a socio-economic analysis in 5 countries
    Andreas Huber, European Institute for Energy Research, EIFER

Working Group 3: Energy-Contracting

Chairperson: Ralf Goldmann, European Investment Bank

  • Energy-Performance-Contracting – an overview & successful example
    Vollrad Kuhn, Johnson Controls, Germany
  • Energy performance contracting in the Czech Republic
    Vladimir Sochor, SEVEn, Czech Republic

12.00-15.30 Site-visit

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