Presentations WSED 2012

European Pellet Conference

  • EU-policy for bioenergy - recent developments
    Giulio Volpi, European Commission, DG Energy
    download presentation (en, pdf, 360 kB)

  • Current and future global bioenergy trends
    Adam Brown, International Energy Agency (IEA)
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,2 MB)

  • Wood pellets in the European Forest Outlook
    Florian Steierer, FAO, United Nations
    download presentation (en, pdf, 350 kB)

The "Pellet Academy"

  • The ENplus pellets in detail
    Hans Martin Behr, Deutsches Pelletinstitut, Germany
    download presentation (en, pdf, 3,2 MB)

  • How to develop a regional pellet heating market
    Christiane Egger, O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Austria
    Roderick Matheson, Aberdeenshire Council, UK
    download presentation (en, pdf, 4 MB)

Energy Efficiency Watch

  • Opening & welcome
    MEP Claude Turmes, European Parliament, President Eufores
    download presentation (en, pdf, 582 kB)

  • Energy efficiency policy update
    Robert Nuij, European Commission, DG Energy
    download presentation (en, pdf, 644 kB)

  • Innovative European energy efficiency projects
    Gordon Sutherland, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,3 MB)

The Energy Efficiency Watch - an IEE-Project

Inputs from Member States:

Biomass Partnerships

  • The Intelligent Energy Europe "FOREST project"
    Andrew Rowson, University of Exeter, Centre for Energy and the Environment, UK
    download presentation (en, pdf, 3,3 MB)

  • Biomass partnerships – quality and success criteria
    Christine Öhlinger, O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Austria
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1 MB)

Successful partnership examples

  • Business models for biomass heat
    Asko Puhakka, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
    download presentation (en, pdf,284 kB)

  • One-stop for biomass heating
    Diana Hehenberger-Risse, BioRegioEnergie, Germany
    download presentation (dt, pdf, 850 kB)

  • Biomass heat contracting initiatives in Spain
    Francisco Puente-Salve, ESCAN, Spain
    download presentation (en, pdf, 2 MB)

  • Biomass contracting for industry
    Siegfried Aigner, Ing. Aigner Wasser-WĂ€rme-Umwelt, Austria
    download presentation (en, pdf, 3,5 MB)

  • Pellet contracting for schools
    Andrzej Szajner, BAPE, Poland
    download presentation (en, pdf, 440 kB)

  • Biomass district heating – successful heat supply in Valtellina, Italy
    Vanessa Gallo, FIPER – Federazione Italiana Produttori di Energia da Fonti Rinnovabili, Italy
    download presentation (en, pdf, 8,7 MB)

  • Clare Wood Chip – a successful supply chain project
    Áine O' Callaghan, Teagasc Advisory Office, Ireland
    download presentation (en, pdf,4,8 MB)

  • The Dartmoor Woodfuel Cooperation
    Andrew Bradford, Director, Dartmoor Woodfuel Cooperation, UK
    download presentation (en, pdf, 3 MB)

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

What are "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings" (NZEBs)?

  • Recent policy initiatives in the buildings sector
    Robert Nuij, European Commission, DG Energy
    download presentation (en, pdf, 843 kB)

  • Challenges for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
    Bogdan Atanasiu, Buildings Performance Institute Europe
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,5 MB)

Practical implementation of NZEBs

  • Member States' approaches to NZEBs
    Eduardo B. Maldonado, University of Porto, Coordinator of the Concerted Action EPBD
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,4 MB)
  • Examples for NZEBs in the commercial sector
    Hans Erhorn, Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics, Germany
    download presentation (en, pdf, 2,1 MB)

  • MINERGIE – the Swiss approach to cost optimal
    NZEBs, Ulrich Nyffenegger, Canton of Bern, CH
    download presentation (en, pdf, 2,8 MB)

  • Business models for renewable energy in buildings
    Kristian Petrick, IEA-RETD, Spain
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1 MB)

Technology innovation for NZEBs

  • Examples of NZEBs around the globe
    Jens Laustsen, Technical Director, Global Building Performance Network (GBPN), France
    download presentation (en, pdf, 4,5 MB)

  • From efficient buildings to smart cities
    Theodor Zillner, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria
    download presentation (en, pdf, 2,2 MB)

WSED next!

Biomass Session

  • Harvesting alternatives and transport logistics for wood from young stand
    Juha Laitila/Kari VÀÀtÀinen, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finland
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,5 MB)

  • Transporting biomass materials by pipeline to a large-scale biorefinery
    Mahdi Vaezi, University of Alberta, Canada
    download presentation (en, pdf,1,5 MB)

  • Promotion of short rotation coppice for district heating systems in Eastern Europe
    Pilar Zapata Aranda, Bioazul, Spain
    download presentation (en, pdf, 677 kB)

  • Technical and economic feasibility of wood pellet production in Brazil
    Nelson BrancalhĂŁo Neto, UniverÂŹsity of SĂŁo Paulo State (UNESP), Brazil
    download presentation (en, pdf, 191 kB)

  • Mathematical modelling of a biomass pellet boiler
    Rosemarie Schnetzinger/Babette Hebenstreit/Ernst Höftberger, Bioenergy 2020+, Austria
    download presentation (en, pdf, 311 kB)

  • Discrimination between wood pellet blends using hyperspectral imaging
    Gary Gillespie, University College Dublin, Ireland
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,1 MB)

  • Physical and chemical property changes of three biomass fuels by torrefication
    Lei Shang/Lars Stougaard Bach, RisĂž Technical University of Denmark
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,4 MB)

  • Stratification of off-gases in stored wood pellets
    Fahimeh Yazdanpanah, University of British Columbia, Canada
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,4 MB)

  • Increasing energy efficiency: biomass gasification with CHP production
    Marta Trninć, University of Belgrade, Serbia
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,1 MB)

  • Algal biomass - a renewable energy source for Austria?
    Maria Hingsamer, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft, Austria
    download presentation (en, pdf, 887 kB)

  • Sugarcane ethanol production in Malawi: optimising the greenhouse gas balance
    Elisa Dunkelberg, Institut fĂŒr ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung, Germany
    download presentation (en, pdf, 456 kB)

  • Techno-economic analysis of renewable diesel production from canola and camelina
    Patrick Miller, University of Alberta, Canada
    download presentation (en, pdf, 472 kB)

  • Supercritical transesterification reaction for biodiesel synthesis
    Jiuxu Liu, Syracuse University, USA
    download presentation (en, pdf, 684 kB)

  • Biomass in disaster-relief activities after the earthquake
    Kosuke Ohno, Japan Wood Energy, Japan
    download presentation (en, pdf, 2,1 MB)

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy performance of the existing building stock in Europe
    Marina Economidou, Buildings Performance Institute Europe, Belgium
    download presentation (en, pdf, 770 kB)

  • Renewable resources as raw materials for energy saving thermal insulation
    Mikelis Kirpluks/Anda Fridrihsone/Aiga Paberza/Peteris Cabulis, Riga Technical University, Latvia
    download presentation (en, pdf, 3,4 MB)

  • Building renovation from the perspective of "eco-marketing"
    Michaela Kloiber, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
    download presentation (en, pdf, 342 kB)

  • Taking a service life approach in building refurbishment
    Måté Orosz, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
    download presentation (en, pdf, 674 kB)

  • Analysis to reduce the energy consumption of residential buildings by 50 %
    Sunghye Min/Jihyun Kim, Daewoo E&C, South Korea
    download presentation (en, pdf, 2,1 MB)

  • Principles for nearly zero buildings in Belgium
    Shady Attia, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
    download presentation (en, pdf, 461 kB)

  • BEAM: The "Built-Environment-Analysis-Model"
    Kjell BettgenhÀuser, Darmstadt University of Technology/Ecofys, Germany
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,1 MB)

  • I can have solar collectors, too!
    Karlo Rajic, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Croatia
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,2 MB)

  • Sustainable stand-alone photovoltaic container house for remote areas
    Khaled Ahmed Saleh/Basel H Madi/Ahmad SH.H Abdelrahman, The Petroleum Institute, United Arab Emirates
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,5 MB)

  • Understanding policy change: Energy savings obligations in the UK
    Jan Rosenow, University of Oxford, UK
    download presentation (en, pdf, 786 Kb)

  • Designing an optimal energy efficiency policy for China's service sector
    Lin Zhang, ETH ZĂŒrich, Switzerland
    download presentation (en, pdf, 598 Kb)

  • Fuel poverty and energy efficiency
    Louise Sunderland, ACE, UK
    download presentation (en, pdf, 556 kB)

  • Power scaling in proportion to data processing in today's multimedia devices
    Jeffrey Swofford, Ecos, USA
    download presentation (en, pdf, 1,7 MB)