European Pellet Conference 2018



28 February – 1 March 2018

Stadthalle, Pollheimerstrasse 1,
4600 Wels/Austria

Programme "European Pellet Conference 2018" (pdf)

Conference fees:

  • 300 Euro for the European Pellet Conference and the Site Visits (includes the Young Biomass Researchers Conference), (27 February - 1 March 2018)
  • 210 Euro for the European Pellet Conference (includes the Young Biomass Researchers Conference), (28 February - 1 March 2018)
All fees include an entrance ticket to the tradeshow and conference documentation. All fees plus 10 % VAT.

Conference languages:

English, German

Organisation and conference office:

OÖ Energiesparverband
Landstrasse 45, 4020 Linz, Austria
Tel. +43/732/7720-14386
office [AT] esv.or [DOT] at

With more than 500 participants every year, the European Pellet Conference held in Wels is the largest annual pellet event in the world.

  • World Pellet Business & Technology Forum
  • Pellet Market News Worldwide
  • Technical Site Visits: Pellets & Wood Chips
  • Poster Presentation

Meet. Learn. See. Enjoy!

The European Pellet Conference offers a unique combination of events:

The event is part of the annual "World Sustainable Energy Days" conference, organised by the OÖ Energiesparverband, the energy agency of Upper Austria. Upper Austria is an ideal location for such a conference: more than 25 % of all biomass boilers sold in the EU are manufactured by Upper Austrian companies and pellet heating systems have become a standard solution in the region.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

08.30 - 19.00 Technical Site Visits: Pellets & Wood Chips
A full-day trip by bus with technical site visits on fuels and installations

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

09.00 Pellet policies and markets

  • Opening and welcome
    Michael Strugl, Deputy Governor of Upper Austria
    Andreas Rabl, Mayor, City of Wels, Austria
    Gerhard Dell, OÖ Energiesparverband, Austria

  • Bioenergy markets and technology outlook
    Ute Collier, International Energy Agency

  • Policy update: biomass in the EU "Clean Energy Package"
    Nathalie Hemeleers, AEBIOM

  • Mapping the European heating sector
    Jan Steinbach, Fraunhofer ISI, Germany

  • "Nearly zero emission" heating with wood and non-wood pellets
    Ingwald Obernberger, BIOS Bioenergiesysteme, Austria

Let's make pellets cool again

  • Home-grown renewable heat
    Maura Adams, Northern Forest Center, USA

  • Success for the pellet industry
    Manfred Faustmann, Windhager, Austria

  • What customers want
    Sabine Froning, Communication Works, Germany

Lunch break

14.00 New business for bioenergy

  • Thinking outside the box: sector-coupling for bioenergy
    Lukas Kranzl, Technical University Vienna, Austria

  • Digitising sales – illusion or real opportunity?
    Rainer Elste, Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Vertriebs- und Marketinginstitut, Germany

  • The off-grid house
    Stefan Ortner, ÖkoFEN, Austria

  • Start-ups in the heating and renewable energy sector
    David Wortmann, DWR eco, Germany

World Pellet Business & Technology Forum

  • Update CHP-innovation from Upper Austria
    Werner Emhofer, Fröling
    Anton Hofer, Hargassner

  • A paradigm shift for pellet plants
    Scott Bax, Pinnacle Renewable Energy, Canada

  • How to improve efficiency in pelletising
    Holger Streetz, Bathan AG, Switzerland

  • A new cost-effective additive for pelletisation
    Javier Gil, Cener, Spain

  • Reducing emissions of agricultural pellets
    Robert Mack, Technology and Support Centre (TFZ), Germany

  • Trading 1.2 million tons of bioenergy – logistics and storage
    René Hyde, CM Biomass Partners, Denmark

  • Cost reductions in the pellet supply chain
    Lotte Visser, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

  • Multi channel branding and marketing of wood pellets
    Emil Sopper, BayWa AG Energie, Germany

  • Nitrogen reduction and small-scale biomass combustion
    Christoph Schmidl, Bioenergy2020+, Austria

19.00 Evening programme

Thursday, 1 March 2018

09.30 Session: Pellet Market News Worldwide (in English only)
09.30 Session: Control strategies for the integration of biomass in future energy systems (in English only)

09.30 Pellet Market News Worldwide (in English only)

  • Opening
    Gordon Murray on behalf of the European Pellet Council

  • The Global Wood Pellet Industry and Trade Study 2017
    Kay Schaubach, DBFZ, Germany

  • US: what is happening and not happening in the US pellet market
    Stan Elliot, PFI Chairman, Pacific Coast Pellets

  • Finland: unfulfilled dreams of pellet energy
    Hannes Tuohiniitty, The Bioenergy Association of Finland

  • Germany: pellets in times of political changes
    Martin Bentele, DEPV

  • Austria: update on the Austrian pellet market
    Christian Rakos, proPellets Austria

  • UK: biomass suppliers list
    Helen Bentley-Fox, Woodsure

  • Hungary: raw material quality as a crucial factor
    Zsolt Janos Viharos, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  • Spain: certification of mediterranean solid biofuels
    Pablo Rodero Masdemont, AVEBIOM

  • Chile: pellet production and consumption
    Felipe Salazar, Promasa

  • India: trends in the solid biofuel industry
    Suhas Patel, Saurashtra Agro Briquettes

Chairperson: Gordon Murray, Wood Pellet Association of Canada

13.00 End of the session

09.30 Control strategies for the integration of biomass in future energy systems (in English only)

  • Welcome and introduction
    Markus Gölles, Bioenergy 2020+, Austria

Control strategies for biomass heating appliances

  • Novel control methods for existing heating appliances
    Daniel Büchner, DBFZ, Germany

  • Meeting future requirements for biomass combustion systems with modern control strategies
    Christopher Zemann, Bioenergy 2020+, Austria

Integration concepts for biomass conversion appliances

  • Control concepts for increasing benefits of small CHP systems
    Christian Schraube, EIFER, Germany

  • Modular energy management of future cross-sectoral energy systems
    Daniel Muschick, Bioenergy 2020+, Austria

Chairperson: Markus Gölles, Bioenergy 2020+, Austria

This session is organised in cooperation with DBFZ and EIFER.

12.30 End of the session

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