Innovation Workshops


Friday, 25 June 2021





What is it all about?

Green Finance · Buildings · Technologies
New research results on finance, buildings and technology innovation

Energy efficiency ↔ Economic recovery

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Conference Fees

The Innovation Workshops are free of charge.


Topics for the "Call for Papers & Speakers"

  • Research results on energy-efficient and sustainable buildings (covering any stage in the research and innovation process - from relevant basic research to applications)
  • Results/dissemination of EU-funded projects
  • Advanced building materials
  • Energy storage
  • Building energy systems
  • Smart buildings
  • High performance buildings
  • Deep renovation of buildings and districts
  • Efficient and renewable energy systems for buildings and districts
  • Indoor air quality
  • Embodied energy
  • Energy harvesting
  • Novel architectural solutions for sustainable buildings
  • Building Information Modeling, energy performance monitoring and management of buildings and districts, smart control systems
  • Construction processes & quality assurance


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