Travel & Accommodation

Conference Venue:

Stadthalle Wels
Pollheimerstrasse 1
A-4600 Wels

Hotel reservation

Rooms in Wels
List (pdf) of hotels in Wels and surrounding municipalities

For information on accommodation please contact:
Tourist Agency Wels (Wels Marketing & Touristik)
Stadtplatz 44
A-4600 Wels
Phone +43-7242-67722-0
e-mail info(at)

Rooms in Linz and surrounding municipalities
In case you are not able to find a suitable hotel in Wels, a good alternative is to choose a hotel in Linz which has a good and fast train service to Wels (15-20 minutes).

List (pdf) of hotels in Wels, Linz and sourrounding municipalities.


Mark your calender, register today and come join us in Wels or online at the World Sustainable Energy Days 2021!