Programme overview 2022

European Pellet Conference, 6 April

The largest annual pellet event worldwide!

With more than 450 participants each year, it is the meeting place for the global pellet community. Leading international speakers present the latest trends in markets, policies, technologies and innovations – helping you stay on top of developments in the pellet and bioenergy world.

In 2022, the European Pellet Conference shows how firing up pellet markets can boost the energy transition and how to position pellets as an important climate solution!


European Energy Efficiency Conference, 7 - 8 April

The new "Fit for 55" package aims to put the EU on track towards climate neutrality. Energy accounts for 75 % of GHG emissions. Speeding up the energy efficiency is critical!

In 2022, the European Energy Efficiency Conference presents the farreaching transformation of policies, technologies and markets for achieving climate neutrality. Find out how to raise the pace of change, how we can increase acceptance, trigger investments, and get things moving – full speed! The event offers delegates a comprehensive package of 5 conferences.


Young Energy Efficiency Researchers Conference, 5 April, morning
Young Biomass Researchers Conference, 5 April, afternoon

  • Presenting the work of young energy researchers
  • Awards "Best Young Energy Efficiency Researcher" and "Best Young Biomass Researcher"


Energy Efficiency Policy Conference, 7 April

  • Fit for 55
  • New EU Directives
  • EE Markets
  • Energy Efficiency Watch


Innovation Workshops, 8 April

New research results on buildings and technologies


Industrial Energy Efficiency Conference, 7 April

  • More decarbonisation, better business: "Twin Transition"
  • Innovation


Smart E-Mobility Conference, 8 April

  • Mass rollout: Infrastructure
  • Technology trends
  • Business models


Tradeshow, 6 - 10 April

  • Leading tradeshow (Webuild-Energiesparmesse)
  • Energy efficiency and renewable product innovations in real life


Poster Presentation, 5 - 8 April

Displaying energy projects, products and EU project results to international experts


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