The World Sustainable Energy Days 2018 offer a unique combination of events on sustainable energy:

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are key to boost the economic competitiveness of the EU, its member states, regions and individual businesses. Resulting economic growth provides jobs and the ability to invest in the further progress of the clean energy transition to the benefit of all citizens.

Clean energy for economic competitiveness and how to make the clean energy transition work for business, planet and people will therefore be core themes of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2018.

The event will feature policies, technology innovation and markets development. It offers a unique combination of conferences and interactive events.

The annual conference brings together over 700 delegates from over 50 countries from business, public sector and the research community.

<link>European Pellet Conference, 28 February - 1 March

The world's largest annual conference on pellets:
Technologies • Markets • Policies • Financing

  • World Pellet Business & Technology Forum
  • Pellet Market News Worldwide
  • Technical Site Visits: Pellets & Wood Chips
  • Poster Presentation
  • "Pellet Tradeshow" (with more than 100 pellet-related exhibitors)

<link>European Energy Efficiency Conference, 28. Febuary - 2 March

Policies •  Markets • Business models • Research & innovation • Technologies  • Financing  • Best practice solutions

<link>Young Energy Efficiency Researchers Conference, 28 February
<link>Young Biomass Researchers Conference, 1 March

  • 2 conferences presenting the work and achievements of young researchers
  • Awards "Best Young Energy Efficiency Researcher" and "Best Young Biomass Researcher"

<link>Energy Efficiency Economy Conference, 1 March

Policy • Markets • Employment • Financing • Business models • Services

<link>E-Mobility & Smart Buildings Conference, 2 March

Market overview • Building integration, energy management, storage and charging solutions • Best practice examples

<link>Technology Innovation Conference: Energy and Buildings, 1 - 2 March

New research results on energy-efficient and sustainable buildings: Novel materials • Energy storage • Building energy systems •  Smart buildings • High performance buildings • Deep renovation • Renewable energy • Indoor air Quality 

<link>Energy Efficiency Policy Workshop, 1 March

Update on EU energy efficiency policies • Policy examples

<link>Technical Site Visits

Only for the participants of the WSED 18

  • Pellets & Wood Chips (27 February)
  • Building Innovations (2 March)

<link>Tradeshow "Energiesparmesse", 28 February - 4 March

Leading tradeshow on renewable energy and energy efficiency with 100,000 visitors and 1,600 exhibitors annually

Poster Presentation, 28 February - 2 March

Offers the opportunity to present successful initiatives and projects on energy Efficiency and renewable energy