Programme overview 2023

European Pellet Conference, 1 March

The largest annual pellet event worldwide!
With more than 450 participants each year, it is the meeting place for the global pellet community. Leading international speakers present the latest trends in markets, policies, technologies and innovations – helping you stay on top of developments in the pellet and bioenergy world.

Pellets – clean and climate neutral! This is the focus of the 2023 edition of the European Pellet Conference. It shows the important role of pellets in responding to the energy crisis, and presents concrete policies, technologies and markets for securing our clean energy future.


European Energy Efficiency Conference, 2 - 3 March

The price crisis, multiplying signs of climate change, and threats to energy security urge us to act like never before. REPowerEU reflects this urgency and provides new momentum for the energy transition.

In 2023, the European Energy Efficiency Conference shows the critical role of energy efficiency in securing our clean energy future, and concrete policies, technologies and markets to get us there.


Young Energy Efficiency Researchers Conference, 28 February, morning
Young Biomass Researchers Conference, 28 February, afternoon

  • Presenting the work of young energy researchers
  • Awards "Best Young Energy Efficiency Researcher" and "Best Young Biomass Researcher"


Energy Efficiency Policy Conference, 2 March

  • REPowerEU
  • New Energy Efficiency Directive
  • EE Markets
  • Energy Efficiency Watch


Innovation Workshops, 3 March

New research results on buildings, industry, energy communities and energy technologies


Industrial Energy Efficiency Conference, 2 March

  • Accelerating the industrial energy transition
  • New regulatory framework
  • Innovation
  • Inspiring case studies


Smart E-Mobility Conference, 3 March

  • Technology, policy and market updates
  • Innovations in charging solutions and batteries
  • Solutions from start-ups


Tradeshow, 1 - 5 March

  • Leading tradeshow (Energiesparmesse-Webuild) on energy and buildings  
  • Austrian & international companies present product innovations  
  • 2022: 70,000 visitors


Poster Presentation, 28 February - 3 March

Displaying energy projects, innovations and EU project results to international participants


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