Call for Papers

We invite you to submit papers on

  • energy transition, climate neutrality
  • energy efficiency, renewable energy sources 
  • energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for buildings, industry
  • e-mobility 
  • pellets 
  • sustainable energy research, technologies, programmes, markets and policies 
  • products, services, business models

The papers can address the following aspects:

  • successfully realised projects
  • technical and business innovation, research results
  • policies, programmes, strategies
  • information, marketing, dissemination
  • market analyses, studies
  • innovative products
  • financing solutions and business models
  • digitisation
  • integrated approaches and solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources


Further ideas for topics and aspects to be addressed can be found above and here:​


Deadline: 10 October 2022

The papers will be presented in oral or poster sessions. Accepted and presented contributions can be published in the conference proceedings. 


How to participate?

Call for Papers:
Please submit your contributions for the "Call for Papers" by e-mail to office(at)

For the Young Energy Researchers Conference and to propose a speaker, please use the respective online submission form:

Check the "Frequently asked questions" for further information.


How to prepare a paper?

The paper should:

  • include a title and the names and full addresses of the author and co-authors (full names, affiliations, full post addresses, phones, e-mails, websites)
  • be 2-15 pages in length and written in English or German
  • include a short summary at the beginning
  • graphics and pictures are welcome!


Frequently asked questions: Call for Papers

  • What do you mean by "papers"?
    A paper is a written conference contribution (usually a short article or a ppt presentation) which you submit to our "Call for Papers". Accepted and presented papers can be published in the conference proceedings.
  • What do you mean by "Call for Papers"?
    The "Call for Papers" invites you to submit your written conference contribution before 10 October 2022.
  • Do we have to submit an abstract or the final paper by 10 October 2022?
    This is a one-stage submission process - meaning that your paper will be assessed based on your contribution sent on 10 October (there will not be a second round where selected abstracts are invited to submit a full paper). The length and level of comprehensiveness is up to you, but the contribution typically have 2 to 15 pages with a short summary at the beginning. Graphics and pictures are welcome.
  • How should the paper be structured?
    The structure of the paper is up to you, one possible content structure could be: title - short and clear summary - background/starting point - technology or methodology - project description - innovative aspects - examples - conclusions & outlook
  • What length should the paper have?
    The paper should have 2 to 15 pages. A short summary at the beginning is helpful. Graphics and pictures are welcome.
  • Which topics should the papers address?
    Examples for topics can be found above and here:​

  • What are the selection criteria?
    Among the most important selection criteria are innovative aspects, replication potential, relevance for the conference topics, quality of information provided. Papers can be selected for oral or for poster presentation.​​​​​​​

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